A revolutionary Closure

A revolutionary closure designed to be universally easy to open by everyone.

Consumer Choice

-100% of consumers preferred Orbit closure
-43% of consumers likely to pay more for Orbit closure​
-55% of consumers would consider changing brands to benefit from Orbit

*Source : Market research carried out by Sheffield University and Eviosys

Sustainable Choice

-Metal is the most recycled material. *
-Saves energy and reduces carbon emissions. *
-Ambient food provides you with healthy and nutritious food anytime you need it.
-Reduces food waste due to long shelf life.

*Source : “5 reasons to choose the food can” – Metal Packaging Europe

Inclusive Choice

-Quicker and easier to open than a standard closure
-It is designed for consumers of all ages : young and weathered hands alike

Stand Out Features

Orbit™ reduces opening torque by up to 50% vs. a twist-off

Quicker and easier to open than a standard closure.

Specifically designed to be re-closed

Easily tolerates sterilization pressure

Can be used with standard jars

Improved abuse resistance. The ring acts as a bumper protecting the seal

Standard closure lines can be easily adapted to accommodate Orbit™

As Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Loosen The Ring

Lift the Inner Panel

Break the Seal

Success Stories