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Valuing Diversity and Inclusion

Our Commitments

Eviosys is committed to promoting equal opportunity for all its employees regardless of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or any other personal lifestyle choice.

We are also committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, with employees that represent the communities in which we operate. We believe that a diverse working culture and an inclusive mindset will enhance our ability to grow our business and attract, develop, and retain the best talent. We strive to be considered “a good place to work” by our current employees and future candidates. Eviosys endeavours to create an environment of mutual respect in all its activities and actions. We believe this is a prerequisite for a trust-based work culture, in which all employees can assume responsibility, fulfil their potential, perform at the highest level, and deliver optimal results.

Managers at Eviosys are trained in equal opportunity awareness. Additionally, in 2023 recruitment managers were provided unconscious bias training as part of the effort to increase gender and other diversity within the company. It is incumbent on managers to set an appropriate standard of behaviour, lead by example, and promote Eviosys’ aims and objectives with regard to equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.


Eviosys has an official written Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

The document outlines the above commitments as well as a statement on non-discrimination and nonharassment, the process for ensuring equal opportunity in recruitment and selection, guidelines for training and promotion, rules for disciplinary procedures and termination of employment, support for employees with disabilities, and the right to voice concerns of discrimination.

A Diverse Company with Engaged Employees


Eviosys is a multi-cultural and diverse company, as evidenced by our employees who represent multiple nationalities across our plants in 17 countries. We are proud to be recognised as an international organisation that values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer.

Composition of our workforce

One of the measures that Eviosys tracks to ensure that it is meeting its commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunity is the difference in remuneration for men and women, known as the pay gap. We are proud that the company’s pay gap in 2023 stood at 4.4%, significantly lower than both the industry average and the OECD pay gap benchmark (currently at 12%).

Age Diversity


Eviosys has a 200 -year legacy and a unique savoir faire in producing packaging that is recognised as high quality, innovative, and differentiating. We believe that employees who have accumulated decades of work experience in the industry and at our company provide a unique ability to continue this legacy by transmitting their expertise and passion to younger generations of workers.

Senior employees play a vital role in ensuring continuity of excellence at Eviosys, and we value their contribution. At the same time, our recruiting efforts aim at attracting the best young talent to our company who can continue the legacy we have built.


2023 Achievements

In 2023, 55% of our employees were in the 46+ age bracket, and 20.5% were in the 56+ age group.


Action Plan for the Future

Our goal is for younger workers to receive training to ensure that they can thrive at Eviosys. We believe that an important part of that training can be shared by employees who have a long tenure with the company. We strive to maintain an age distribution that allows our company to benefit from the experience of long-term employees.


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