The industrial culture and innovation philosophy of Eviosys

“Eviosys – European leader

in metal packaging”

Eviosys strives toward continual improvement

“Eviosys is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and we have brought our target of reducing CO2 emissions forward by 3 years. We are now aiming at having zero waste incinerated or in landfills by 2025. We are heading towards being carbon neutral by 2050 and we have already achieved our aim to reduce VOCs, which was originally set for 2027”


“We constantly strive to reduce the use of raw materials – Eviosys produces 3-part boxes in steel using Peelfit™ thermosealing technology. Aluminium lids are sealed directly onto the body of the welded box to reduce the quantity of steel used. We work with out customers to reduce the thickness of our products without degrading their functioning.


Finally, we are proud to make inclusion a key aspect of our innovation. For example, we have invented the Orbit™ system, which makes it possible to reduce the effort required to open lids on glass jars by 50%.”

We are innovating in terms of formats, functions, decoration and services

Formats: individual portions of 85g for animal food, which provides protection, meets the growing demand for the category in e-commerce and preserves sustainably

EvioLink function: printing unique QR codes on each package, to be able to trace each individual container and offer customised communication with customers

Decoration that makes a difference: the only hot stamping procedure of its kind in Europe with holographic effects for the perfumes and cosmetics sector

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