Consumers are looking for convenience and sustainability in their food packaging

Wanting to take a closer look at the role of convenience trends in the packaging industry and gain a deeper understanding of what consumers want, Eviosys has launched several initiatives


Reaching out through various communication channels, we invited consumers to take part in a survey focused specifically on their packaging preferences

Interacting directly with Spanish consumers means we can collect honest opinions about our innovative solution for metal food cans: Ecopeel™

Covering more than 2,000 consumers and 600 European business leaders from the manufacturing, retail and consumer packaged goods sectors, Eviosys’ most recent survey revealed a growing demand for sustainable packaging among Europe’s consumers

What does this mean for packaging?

Convenient packaging encompasses so much more than just ease of use: it’s about offering consumers solutions that match their lifestyles, values and expectations

With convenience as the key focus, packaging plays a crucial role in the consumer experience. Modern consumers aren’t just looking for products and services that offer convenient use – they also want that same convenience in their packaging.

What’s more, eco-conscious consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable packaging solutions that minimise environmental impact. They don’t want packaging that just ends up in the bin; they want it to be infinitely recyclable and they want a reduced carbon footprint.

Eviosys is known for its smart and sustainable packaging solutions. Not only are they inclusive and convenient, they’re also infinitely recyclable.

Leading the change in the packaging industry, Eviosys has always been committed to developing innovative food packaging, offering brands an edge with innovative solutions that meet consumer demands for affordability, convenience and sustainability