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Supporting Local Communities

Community support and giving by Eviosys is generally managed at the local level. We work in partnership with customers, suppliers, and trade associations to support local communities with humanitarian initiatives. Some of our giving is also managed on a regional level, with our different regions defining what they consider priorities for sponsorship.


2023 Achievements

• We supported the Whetstone Athletic Football Club in the community of our Braunstone, England plant, with uniforms, equipment and infrastructure as they pursued further success in a regional championship.
• We supported the England Amputee Football Team (EAFA), a charity that provides sporting football involvement for amputee children, teens, and adults, and the elite England National team. We believe that Eviosys’ support of this team sends a powerful message about our company’s values of inclusion.
• We committed to provide support for three years to a large engineering department at Derby University, near our plant in Mansfield, England, for sponsorship or tuition relief aimed at students interested in our industry.
• In Nantes, France we made a commitment to sponsor three to five charities or associations in which Eviosys employees are involved.
• Employees from our plant in Gdansk, Poland took part in the “Szklachetna Paczka” (Noble Parcel) event carried out by one of the largest social programs in the country. The activity consisted of preparing “care packages” for people in need around Christmas time. Our 42 participating colleagues prepared 19 gift boxes with items they collected or which Eviosys purchased.
• Employees from our plant in Ivory Coast supported a number of community initiatives, particularly in the field of healthcare, including: providing support to a neonatal unit at a university hospital; building a centre of excellence for best practices for midwives; participating in the rehabilitation of the paediatric oncology department at a university hospital where our teams delivered medicine, food, and other items; and a tree-planting operation to support biodiversity.


Action plan for the future

In 2024 we will continue to support charitable causes linked to the communities in which we operate, and that are of particular interest of or concern to our employees. In addition to providing support to our communities, we seek to act on our commitment to good corporate citizenship and look for activities that confirm our values of diversity, inclusion, and healthy living.