packaging technology

Our food solutions

Our food packaging locks in nutrients for quality that won’t let you down

We serve a wide array of markets using innovative technology to create iconic packaging that will become integral to the success of your brand

Our technical experts work tirelessly to downgauge the weight of our cans – saving resources while keeping the cans strong and reliable

Our range includes steel and aluminium cans in many different shapes and sizes, as well as easy open ends and peelable ends thanks to our PeelSeam™ technology

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Effective closures

Closures are the key to a successful customer experience

Our products provide the convenience of easy-open technology, such as our Orbit™, with strong visuals to help our customers’ brands stand out

We can work with you to create appealing and ergonomic packaging that takes advantage of the very latest technologies to always protect the products inside

Our wide range of closures offer a complete choice of printing options while ensuring compound safety

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Eye-catching packaging

Our unique metal packaging designs will enhance your product and make it stand out among your competition

We have a flexible range of forms and finishes to create any style of decorative tin, helping you attract new customers and enhance your brand’s appeal

Our dedicated teams will work closely with you at every stage to bring your designs to life

Our promotional packaging brings style and distinctive design to your brand, with seamless and holographic technology being just a few of the ways we can help you differentiate your brand


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Our Finishes

Shaping the aerosol market

Eviosys is a leading manufacturer of lightweight tinplate aerosol cans

Our aerosol cans are designed to ensure pressure is maintained inside the can while optimising supply chain performance

We offer a broad range of sizes, with capacities and print finishes to enhance any product

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Our Finishes

We offer so much more

We do more than just packaging. Our unrivalled technical experts offer support at every stage of the packaging and filling process, from training to maintenance, audits and testing