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Des emballages en métal intelligents et durables

L’emballage tient une place prépondérante dans notre société actuelle.

Il permet aux marques de protéger les produits que nous achetons, de préserver les aliments que nous consommons et de se distinguer sur un marché concurrentiel.
Mais cette quête de sécurité, de praticité et de singularité ne doit pas se faire au détriment de l’environnement.

C’est pourquoi le développement durable fait partie des principes fondamentaux qui nous guident dans nos activités.
Notre objectif : ouvrir la voie au sein de l’industrie de l’emballage en façonnant un monde meilleur, plus durable pour tous, que ce soient pour les générations d’aujourd’hui ou de demain.

Our Purpose

We elevate brands to prompt smiles

We create innovative and cutting-edge designs that not only stands out on the shelves but also ensures the highest standards of safety and sustainability helping brands connect with consumers in meaningful and memorable ways

We protect products and consumers

Our commitment to quality and safety ensures that every package we produce safeguards its contents while minimizing environmental impact, prioritizing the well-being of our customers and the planet.

We preserve our planet and our people

We use eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient manufacturing practices to reduce our carbon footprint, promoting a sustainable future and ensuring a positive impact on our employees, communities, and the environment

Enhance together with Eviosys

We enhance our evaluation of every aspect of our packaging solutions to ensure they promote, protect, and preserve your products, creating significant business value. By integrating sustainability into our core values, we help our clients achieve their goals while fostering a greener and more responsible industry.

But what is sustainability for Eviosys and your business?

On the path to carbon neutrality

As an industry leader, Eviosys pushes the packaging world to change and never compromises on sustainability

” In 2023, not only did we surpass our greenhouse gas emission reduction targets four years ahead of schedule, but we also measured and established ambitious long-term goals for Scope 3 emissions.”

Tomas Lopez CEO of Eviosys


 Our pillars

Operating successfully for more than 200 years, Eviosys has built a sustainable legacy.

Building on our rich heritage, we have developed a clear seven-year strategy, underpinned by three core pillars:

  • Protecting the environment with our products and in our operations is in our DNA
  • Our social responsibilities include the safety of employees, progressive working conditions and managing relationships with local communities, suppliers and customers for everyone’s benefit
  • Our corporate governance policy includes everything we do, to ensure ethical and positive leadership of the company.


Our mission is to make a meaningful impact
towards building a sustainable future.
By 2050, we aspire to achieve carbon neutrality
throughout all aspects of our operations.
Eviosys is committed to exemplary environmental stewardship,
and we’re actively implementing strategies
to enhance sustainability across our entire value chain.

Reducing Environmental Impact

We surpassed our 2023 GHG targets with a 20% reduction from 2020 levels and aim to halve emissions by 2030, targeting net zero by 2050

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Scope 3 GHG Emissions

2023 marked the first year that Eviosys measured its Scope 3 GHG emissions, which account for 90% of our total carbon footprint

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VOC Emissions and waste management

Eviosys has set new goals to reduce VOC emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050
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Water preservation and biodiversity

In 2023, Eviosys reduced water consumption by 14%, bringing us close to our 2030 goal of a 15% reduction from the 2020 baseline

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Product Lifecycle Management

Our metal products are made of metal which is infinitely recyclable, ensuring an optimized end-of-life process

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Sustainable sourcing

Our goal is to partner exclusively with steel companies committed to reducing their carbon intensity following UN standards

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The safety of our people, our customers, and
consumers is our highest priority. We strive to
create an inclusive environment that delivers
professional satisfaction, and that cares for the
communities in which we are present.

Ensuring Safety

Eviosys’ “Safety First” values and culture embody the care and the measures we take to ensure a secure environment for our people

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Customer and Consumer Food Safety

At Eviosys, we ensure food safety by adhering to BRCGS standards and using advanced risk assessment and monitoring techniques

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Valuing Diversity and Inclusion

Eviosys promotes equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion, with strong commitments to safety, sustainability, and employee well-being

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Employee Development and Engagement

Eviosys fosters employee growth with training GoPro careers program, and engagement assessments

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Supporting Local Communities

Eviosys supports local communities through various partnerships focusing on humanitarian initiatives and sponsorship priorities

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We create and maintain a culture
of compliance that fosters cybersecurity
and always follow applicable laws
and regulations.

Compliance, Business Conduct and Ethics

Eviosys prioritizes compliance, training employees, encouraging reporting, and ensuring partners adhere to policies and laws

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Risk Identification and Management

Eviosys effectively manages risks, including business disruptions and climate challenges, through strategic planning and adaptation

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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

In 2023, Eviosys enhanced cybersecurity measures and advanced its digital transformation journey
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Regulatory Monitoring

In 2023, Eviosys’ Regulatory Affairs team bolstered customer support, and legislative compliance, and initiated a Materials Database

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Affiliations, Recognitions, and Certifications

ESG report 2023

Explore our ESG Sustainability Report for 2023 to learn more about our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance actions aimed at fostering a sustainable future.

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