Revolutionary metal lid Orbit™ :
simple twist, big difference

Orbit™ metal lid

The Orbit™ metal lid represents a perfect blend of simplicity and ingenuity. Its clever design has even garnered praise from notable figures such as ex-Minister for Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, who highlighted the lid’s technological advancement in making everyday tasks easier

Why Orbit™ Stands Out?

Easy twist reduces opening torque by up to 50% vs. a standard lid

With inlcusivity at its core is easier to open and more accessible for everyone

Specifically designed to be re-closed to preserve freshness of the content

Can be used with standard jars - same glass finish

Improved abuse resistance. The ring acts as a bumper protecting the seal

Standard lid lines can be easily adapted as similar capping equipment is needed to accommodate Orbit™

At Eviosys, our mission is to make everyday tasks simpler and more enjoyable. With the metal lid Orbit™, we have achieved just that.

Contact Eviosys Team and embrace the future of jar lids with Orbit™ – where a simple twist is all it takes to unlock inclusivity, convenience, and sustainability.


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