Connect with consumers - Metaverse and virtual realities

 Impact on Packaging expectations

A technology accelerated by the lockdowns

Since 2020, people have been having the profound feeling that they are out of touch with the alarming reality. New solutions allowing virtual escapism from home emerged. At the start of 2021, «wandermust» signalled a profound longing for escapism at any cost and in any way (virtual or physical). A need to spice up reality, but also to reconnect with nature through technology and virtual reality


The metaverse is defined as an interactive ecosystem integrated into the environment in which we live, going beyond a mere space or virtual world


Regarded as the internet of the future or the successor to mobile internet, the metaverse is a concept originating from science fiction, where the world will evolve into a combination of virtual reality and the physical world. There are no metaverses, just one single metaverse

Accessible from a VR headset or a standard web browser, the metaverse will be a continuously immersive digital ecosystem, supported by Virtual, Augmented, Mixed (using haptic technologies) and even Extended Reality (a combination of the three), where individuals and businesses can create, participate in or explore a wide range of experiences, including but not limited to video games. Roblox recently stated that it no longer sees itself as a video game platform, instead defining its builds «experiences» rather than «games»

Revenue in the virtual world could soar to $400bn by 2025

This white paper identifies who will be using the technology, what for, what will be the impact on their daily expectations and lifestyles, and how to adapt packaging design and functionalities to stay ahead of the market

To everyone their own use

The Escapers

These consumers escape from the stress of the day to day life with selected "me time". They use digital technologies and the Metaverse to make their life easier and get a diversion from the reality on-demand

The social gathers

The social gatherers use digital technologies and the metaverse to meet and share common hobbies. From all generations, they are driven to the Metaverse by the need to create social bonds or experiences to share

The Visualisers

The visualisers need to interact with the virtual world to get added abilities either for safety reasons in an industrial setting, for geographical reasons, or to play and express themselves freely.
These early adopters build new ability in the virtual world to become a super-hero or imaginary version of themselves

The Escapers - Immersion on-demand

The Escapers want the ability to create on-demand desired realities


Virtual spaces, which are becoming increasingly immersive and interactive, have become places of refuge, reassurance and dreams at a time of uncertainty. This imaginary escape is treated as a form of gentle everyday therapy.

We now talk about Desired Reality vs Current Reality, where users use virtual reality filters to play in the physical world. Ultimately, through virtual reality, new territories and imaginative worlds are available to consumers.

In terms of new lifestyle and expectations, there is a constant research of well-being, looking after oneself, treating oneself, leading to the development of products in single or micro-doses, like a “shot” of well being that you can carry around with you with an ‘à la carte’ approach


For packaging, this means innovating interactive smart features and designs that allow consumer to imagine themselves in the environment they like,

Ultra-customization, micro-dosage and a focus on nutrients and wellness will be key

Matt and gloss to mimick scales or fruit skin

Packaged as uni-dose answering individual nutritional needs

Coloured easy open ring and seams



Possible virtual interaction

360 immersion (here in ocean-side or orchard) for a revitalising break, while eating

Daily nutritional information

The Social Gatherers - Connect, share, learn

Social gatherers expect the ability to share interests and experiences both in the virtual and the real worlds


16% of Americans said they personally have invested in, traded or used cryptocurrencies, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. For adults between the ages of 18 to 29, that number jumps to 31%. Cryptocurrencies are used as a method of payment in the Metaverse. Virtual reality market statistics predict that 58.9 million and 93.3 million people in the United States will use VR and AR respectively at least once a month this year. It accounts for 17.7% and 28.1% of the total US population (eMarketer)

NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are no longer exclusively attracting the most connected among us. With 171 Mio virtual reality users worldwide as of February 2022, the technologies are spreading and developing to become more and more accessible, wireless and echoing our physical world


For packaging, this means creating collectables, gathering communities of consumers around it, and encouraging them to share items and experiences both in the physical and in the virtual worlds

Holographic effect

Hammered-metal effect on logo

EvioLink (unique QR code printing technology)


Possible digital interaction:

Anti-counterfeiting unique QR code

Personalised gift video (the buyer uploads its own greetings video, the receiver scans to access the personalised video message).

Game (identify the scents in your personalized perfume) to win matching

virtual outfit.

The Visualisers - Beyond human abilities

The visualisers expect packaging to offer extra functionality to better serve them in their sedentary immersive experiences


Early adopters by choice or working necessity, the virtual world is already a reality for the visualizers. The virtual is a super-extension of the visualizers in the tangible world which should not disappoint but provide more and more added value


For packaging, that means creating formats compatible with a sedentary setting, with the duality navigating between real and virtual environments at the same time, packaging that are efficient and that provide their users with an extra ability

Mix of micro-embossing and micro-perforations

Can be turned as a photophore light for late gamers

Soft touch on the bottle-shaped area

Matt and gloss finishes


Possible digital interaction:

Anti-counterfeiting unique QR code

Individual traceability across the full supply chain

Offer a selection of branded accessories for your avatar

Access the virtual filling facility

Immersive game

Eviolink™ – Eviosys innovation