Metal Bowls

The last two years have been synonymous of transformation for the world and, hence,  for our daily life and consumption habits.

At Eviosys, our design and marketing teams have analysed the major global consumer trends to come up with innovative packaging solutions. These trends reflect the changing value system of consumers. They allow us to identify how consumer behaviour is evolving and how these changes impact metal food packaging.



Size Control

We’re also witnessing consumers taking a more proactive approach to managing well-being and consumer buying behaviour reveals the growing influence of sustainability. Therefore, sustainable, and convenient solutions are essential for consumers.

At Eviosys innovation and suitability are in the heart of our business. Hence, we provide a wide variety of products to different consumers and markets. An example of a convenient and sustainable packaging solution are our aluminium Bowls. We developed a wide range of bowl format cans, available in aluminium and steel and in different diameters (65 mm, 73 mm, 83 mm and 99 mm).  This offer allows to adapt to all consumption occasions.




For our collaboration with Mont Blanc®, the famous dessert brand, Eviosys has designed and supplied individual printed bowls. The combination with the PeelSeam™ peelable opening makes it an easy-to-open and ergonomic package, perfectly suited for small or clumsy hands.  This 100% aluminum packaging is not only 100% recyclable, but it also helps to consume the right portion and avoid food waste. 


The combination of tasty cream desserts with sustainable and convenient packaging has allowed Mont Blanc® to increase its market share and satisfy its loyal customers. The brand has also strengthened its positioning with new consumer targets, including active people who want to enjoy the products anywhere, anytime.