Inclusive Society Building: Strategies for Innovation


Inclusive Society Building: Strategies for Innovation

What is inclusivity ?

Being inclusive is being accessible to everyone

Think about exclusivity: it is exclusive to some people.

Being inclusive is the opposite. Everyone can read it, use it, see it etc.

Being inclusive is to integrate all the members of the society in its reflexion, even minority.

It is different from diversity and integration. But it is also integrated in the CSR.

A social organisation is inclusive when it makes sure it is accessible for everyone

without occulting the single needs and desires.

Why does inclusivity resonate in our society today?

How to innovate for an inclusive society ?


1/ Rethinking product development


Methods are being developed to generate innovations that fit into an inclusive society.

One example is the Design for All method, which lists the following criteria as constraints in the creation: respectful of diversity, safe, healthy, functional, easy to understand, ecological, affordable, aesthetic.

Some products are then completely deconstructed to be rethought according to these constraints.

Beyond the product, packaging has a major role to play in inclusivity.

Innovations focus on how to make packaging inclusive: easily understandable and usable by all.

How to innovate for an inclusive society ?

2/ Innovating for an inclusive communication


In communication, messages are evolving towards inclusivity, following 3 major ideas:

Addressing the entire audience, exploring other stories and representing realities.


Stereotypes are not welcomed anymore, and communication is moving towards another reading of society.

3/ Capitalizing on an inclusive team

How to innovate for an inclusive society ?

Innovation and creativity for an inclusive society will come from inclusive team. Workplaces are capitalizing on differences to develop collective intelligence.

Deloitte led a study that showed that companies had +60% of chances to see profit and productivity rising, to have a better reputation, to better attract and retain talents or even to generate more creativity and innovation when they were driving an inclusive policy.

Almost 50% of people think that their companies should rise diversity and inclusivity on their workspace (Glassdoor study)

Eviosys launched the #Break The Bias in 2022.

This initiative gives a voice to the women who work at Eviosys, to show how they are setting an example by their actions to break the bias.

Group of people pictures of different people breaking the bias

Consumers are expecting empathy

in product development, in communication and at

work. This implies to deconstruct habits we have,

and this is usually the first step to inclusive