Infinitely recyclable from the can to the top

The new shallow metal overcaps are industry-leading, eco-conceived with less material and an ultra-shallow design offering the dry food industry an ultra light weighted, modern and infinitely recyclable packaging solution from the can to the top


Less material used

Modern ultra-shallow design

In a recent consumer survey* conducted by Focaldata, 81% of consumers in Europe said they care about the environment, with three quarters (74%) of respondents considering metal packaging more sustainable than plastic, yet this isn’t being reflected on supermarket shelves

According to the Environmental Investigation Agency and Greenpeace, total plastic packaging used by the UK’s biggest supermarkets rose from an estimated 886,000 tonnes in 2017 to 903,000 tonnes in 2018. With many shoppers (62%) angry or frustrated about this amount of plastic in supermarket aisles, Horizon offers customers a product that will satisfy the changing environmentally conscious mindsets of end consumers