Eviosys opens luncheon meat can line in Türkiye

Mr. Tashin Kabaali, Owner of Akdeniz Entegre, said:

“Eviosys’s latest investment in the region is one of the reasons we see them as a trusted partner. The quality of products and supply chain security provided by Eviosys are unique and give us confidence that we are able to consistently serve our customers at the highest levels.”

Metal packaging is undeniably the best package for brands that are distributing products all across Türkiye and the Middle East

Metal packaging is inherently sustainable as it is endlessly recyclable

Launching local production reduces the need for more unsustainable imports and further reduces carbon emissions in the packaging supply chain. In a recent consumer survey conducted by Eviosys, 81% of consumers in Europe care about the environment, with three quarters (74%) of respondents considering metal packaging more sustainable than plastic