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Employee Development and Engagement

At Eviosys, we seek to ensure that our employees can grow professionally over time, with a clear path for progression and advancement. To that end, we provide our employees with training that is relevant to their work at the company. We have also established the GoPro program (Grow People toward the Right Opportunities), a structured program for career development. Additionally, we measure employee engagement to ensure we are on the right path. We gather information on employee satisfaction to enable us to adapt our activities and approach to ensure a satisfying work environment and experience for our colleagues.
Across all our sites and functions, we strive to ensure open, 360-degree communication to drive our culture of inclusivity.


2023 Achievements

Some of the training activities conducted during the year include:
• Operational Project Management training was delivered to plant management teams in France, the UK and Africa.
• Sustainability training was provided to 192 employees across the company, including five broad topics tailored to the needs of specific participants on: innovation and green marketing; circularity; sustainability reporting and eco-certifications, diversity and inclusion, and governance; sustainable procurement and supply chain; and sustainable financial markets.
• Finance for non-finance professionals, delivered to 203 employees. Additionally, Plant controllers received training on how to train non-finance employees.
• A digital coaching solution, CoachHub, was made available to managers.
• English training was provided to 110 employees.
• The number of licences for the LinkedIn Learning platform tripled between 2022 and 2023 to 750. During the year, the platform registered 649 people viewing course content, and 2,680 course completions. The topics covered in the courses center on operations, marketing and sales, finance and data technology, and sourcing.

The deployment of GoPro across Eviosys continued. During the year, the outcomes sought through the program were defined more clearly, and points for improvement were identified. These findings provided the basis for the next steps to enhance and expand the program, which include:
• Conducting a baseline analysis to obtain a full inventory of people and positions at Eviosys
• Ensuring that the GoPro process is carried out on a regular basis and that it is adaptable
• Define clear success factors
• Understand the impact of GoPro on performance management
• Make succession planning a continuous process and more employee-centric

Action Plan for the Future

We plan to take GoPro to the next level by linking performance appraisal to core competencies and career development. Managers will be required to set objectives for all employees reporting to them, along with action plans. They will also have to incorporate succession planning and risk evaluation into the GoPro process. The goal is for every employee to have a career development path to pursue. A new engagement survey is expected to be carried out in the first half of 2024.