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Customer and Consumer Food Safety

We work to deliver products that are safe for use in the food supply chain and for end-consumers. We seek to continuously reduce potential risk using hazard analysis and risk assessment programmes. To obtain our objectives, we comply with the Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS) requirements.


At Eviosys, our strong commitment to safety is a crucial element in fostering a relationship of trust with our customers and consumers. Eviosys products comply with the most stringent safety regulations and the highest standards of hygiene. The guarantee of food safety we are able to provide is key to protecting the reputation of our customers’ food brands. Ensuring food safety is therefore a critical consideration across our operations. Eighty-eight percent of our plants are Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS)-Food certified. Some of our facilities are accredited to produce cans for very sensitive markets, such as infant formula.

The measures we take and services we offer to guarantee the safety of our products, reduce spoilage, and enhance food safety include:

• Using a unique integrated Double Seaming Monitoring system that provides feedback in real time on the seaming process, and identifies any potential defects in cans and closures.
• Operating specialised laboratories staffed by biologists who study and work on various aspects of food safety.
• Providing research services for our customers when they face food contamination issues with the most up-to-date equipment now available, such as the MALDI Biotyper®, and a well-populated database able to identify bacteria in 48 hours.


2023 achievements

In 2023, 37 of our plants passed the BRCGS Food Safety certification.
• Unannounced BRCGS audits take place at each certified site on a 3-year cycle. During the year, 11 of our plants received unannounced audits.
• More than half of the plants audited in 2023 received the highest score possible (AA for announced audits, and AA+ for unannounced audits.)

Action plan for the future

We will continue to maintain the highest standards of safety and hygiene, and will work continuously to reduce the overall level of risk. Our network of internal laboratories and our Regulatory Affairs department will continue to partner with customers and suppliers to ensure compliance with the highest level of food safety regulation.