#Break The Bias

“At Eviosys, we are proud to celebrate diversity and inclusion and spotlight fantastic women across our business on the 2022 edition of the International Women’s Day.

We interviewed inspiring Eviosys women across the EMEA region. They shared their view about what the International Women’s Day means to them, how they break the bias at work,  and our role, as an industrial leader, to promote gender equality.  As we want to lead by example,  it is important to recognize that many efforts still have to be made in the industrial world to reach the level of diversity we envision. Gender diverse teams are more successful, as a company we want to be more representative of our society and increase female representation in all jobs and levels within our organization. Understanding the challenges ahead of us and breaking the bias is a necessary step Eviosys takes towards building a more diverse future.”

Laurent Watteaux, Chief Administration Officer at Eviosys

The technical and administrative team at SMEM Toasmasina

“In Madagascar, equity in some situations remains unenforced because of culture, education and even at the level of social legislation (night work for women remains prohibited for example).

Eviosys is a great place to work with freedom, team spirit and respect conditioning our daily work. Occupational health and safety take precedence at Eviosys. Its application allows us to feel serene, safe. International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate with other women around the world by reminding them of their importance in the community. To break gender bias, we should ignore bad reviews and keep our own personality. No matter who we are, let’s show what we’re doing. For an equivalent position, the salary must be the same; the opportunity to acquire it must be equal whether at local, regional, and especially international level. We must continue multiplying technical and managerial training so that we have the chance to compete with our male peers on the opportunities offered. We need to continue encouraging female candidates for operational positions but also for high-level positions.”

“Since I can remember, the factory I work in has always felt like an inclusive environment. The same opportunities, responsibilities and salary have been offered to women without any gender bias. The percentage of women and men is balanced at all professional levels, and we have women in roles which historically were male dominated.

Eviosys is a leading global supplier of metal packaging where I have always felt respected, listened to, and well treated as a member of the team. I have been empowered to challenge the status quo, and push for bigger and better opportunities, to travel and learn every single day.

As a manager I’ve been encouraged to support my staff, ensuring opportunities are distributed equally and that employees feel safe and part of the wider Eviosys family. The International Women’s Day gives visibility to women as professionals, fighting for equality in the business, empowering women in their roles to create an inclusive, thriving, and diverse workplace. An international day is still necessary unfortunately, as in many companies the percentage in leadership and management positions is still very low while women are found at the bottom of the pyramid. Eviosys is a company where I have felt included, respected and part of a community for the last 20 years. Not only have I had the opportunity to learn a lot, developed my skills in different areas such as production, HR, prevention, and environment but also, I have been supported by Eviosys in finding a balance between my professional life and my personal life, ensuring I have time and space to dedicate myself to the important role of being a mother.

My gender wasn’t an issue or a handicap when I requested parent leave, it was simply accepted and supported. I think this is fundamental; to give space to working women (and men), helping them find a balance between their personal life and their working life, respecting the unique schedules and challenges of each worker and integrating it with the needs of the company.”

“In my role at Eviosys, I lead a great team always focused on safety, productivity and quality. Eviosys supports equality in the workplace by assigning the best qualified person to each position, regardless of gender. I see Eviosys as a world of possibilities where you are the only one setting the limit to what you can achieve. One can evolve as a technician and from there access positions in other parts of the world within the company. I started as a trainee engineer 14 years ago, until I became responsible for one of the sections with the most machinery and staff in the factory. This trust in my skills and leadership, and reward for my loyalty, is what makes Eviosys a great place to work.

International Women’s Day is a day to reflect and remember all the women who throughout history have made a difference and have set no limits to what they can achieve. Personally, I live and work as if there isn’t a gender bias. At work, I’m lucky to be part of a brilliant diverse team, where I feel included and empowered. Outside of work I strive to follow the same mentality and attitude. I have never felt that I am treated differently because of my gender – every team at Eviosys has always worked collaboratively and openly with me. “

“At Eviosys, we never discriminates people for gender bias: anyone can do any job regardless of gender. People are considered for their skills, not for their gender.

The serene and safe working environment, equal treatment and opportunities for all make Eviosys is great place to work. Everyone is part of a team that supports each other. Eviosys is a place where you can freely bring ideas. Solutions can come from anybody!

To me, International Women’s Day is a day where we remember the fight of women against discrimination, prejudice and for our rights. I am thankful to them to be able to live in a more equal world, do my job and have more freedom. To break the bias, I consider and relate on people for their abilities, not for their gender : each of us has its own strengths and weaknesses that are not defined by gender but by personality and attitudes. Never set limits based on gender: our skills always come from the person not from the gender!”




“At Eviosys your work is valued, regardless of whether it is done by a man or a woman, what you do and how you do it is important. We have the opportunity to continuously learn and get involved, as we are often called to face new job challenges.  That creates a work environment that is beneficial for both the employee and the company.

I wish it were not necessary to have a day of the year dedicated to women, this means that as a society we still have many steps forward to make. Unfortunately, this proves that women still don’t have the same rights as men. To break the gender bias, we continuously need to learn to assess people solely for their expertise, capacities and abilities, looking at them as individuals regardless of their gender.”

“Eviosys supports equality in the workplace, what makes it a great place to work among other things is the stability it offers.

There is no gender bias around me!”

“In my role as a quality and environmental engineer at Eviosys, I am responsible for conducting AIA, Air Emissions, water analysis, waste and environmental and scrap analysis, as well as controlling the quality of work orders.

Eviosys promotes equality by giving the same opportunities for professional growth for every employee. The work environment is very positive with good collaboration between colleagues and great opportunities for growth. On International Women’s Day, I would like to remember the importance of the women in the society and the sacrifices they made to achieve the same opportunities in the private and professional environments. I break the gender bias by learning to evaluate people based on who they are, what they can do professionally, without considering their appearance.”

“I have never experienced inequality based on gender at Eviosys, I work with a great team of fantastic people. For International Women’s Day, I want to congratulate women to recognize their accomplishments.

I break the gender bias by setting the example and succeed both at work and in my private life as a woman.”

The Eviosys Abidjan’s Team

“Eviosys supports equality in the workplace with no discrimination based on gender during the recruitment process and by treating all employees equally.

The company ensures respect and trust in a safe environment. There is a very good level of collaboration between colleagues. Eviosys empowers each of us to give our best and to take on new challenges which make us proud to work for the company.

The International Women’s Day allows women to claim their right to life and protection. It is a day to remember that mentalities have changed and that women are no longer less valued.

To break the bias, we give the opportunity to women to prove what they are capable of, we work on awareness and set professional goals to ensure equal opportunities. We create spaces where accomplished women (and men) can become allies and set examples to support individual successes. We foster equity within our company culture with flexible working policies, flexible working hours, teleworking and parental leave to support both men and women. We also encourage men to promote and mentor women within the organization. “